Sold Hanson Condo, Bought Single Family in Kingston, MA – 2016

We were so impressed with Bill, who helped us sell our condo and also helped us buy our first real home. He doesn’t cut any corners and goes all-out with his marketing efforts, which sets him apart from other agents. Bill starts by hiring a professional photographer (rather than just snapping pictures with his iPhone), who took incredible photos of our condo. This makes all the difference because this is what draws people in to look at your home. After that, the pictures were everywhere – on the MLS, his website, and Facebook. Although there were several condo units for sale in our complex at the same time as ours, with our unit priced at the high end, we received an offer in less than a week. He knows what he’s doing, he keeps you in the loop every step of the way, and he fights for you. To me, however, his greatest attribute was his ability to put me at ease when our deal almost fell apart because of our buyer’s financing. He always took my panicked calls and was in contact with the buyer’s attorney, feeding us details every step of the way. Fortunately everything worked out and Bill’s become a good friend of ours.